Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lollipop Swrils

My so-called brother, Phillip gave me this lollipop as his pasalubong when he went to Manila. :) This pic was taken 2 months ago, and ngayon ko lang naisipang i-upload. Uhmm what else? Well, good night. :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday's Best

Dad's car will soon-to-be mine. :)

(Vintage Dress, Kashieca. Necklace, Vanity. Belt, Robinson's Dept. Store. Bangles, Vanity. Silver Bangle, got it from Market Market. Ring, Vanity. Fancy Bracelet, I guess it's from F21, just got it from Suzaenne. Dalmatian print Earings, Accessorize. Fitflops, Res-Toe-Run)

Before heading to Church, I still managed to ask my mom to take a picture of me. Happy Sunday everyone. Stay blessed. <3

Friday, January 27, 2012

Untied or Hair Bun?

Where are my flats?

Browny-brown hair. I love it. <3

Sexy back? Ooops. No. No.

How do you like my hair bun? <3 

This day was totally awesome. Seriously. Unplanned gala. But still, it ended up so great. High school rocks! :)

Shades on a Rainy Day

(Blazer, Anthology. Tank Top, SM Department Store. Watch, Guess?. Shades, RayBan. Shorts, Levi's. Clutch, SM Department Store. Colored Bracelet, GMall. Flats, ITTI.)

I just borrowed my mom's watch. I love the eye wear from RayBan, so classy, but I wasn't able to wear it since today was kind of, uh, rainy day. Today's outfit was really simple. Hope you guys like it. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I was really bored. My phone was so silent, ang tagal kasi magreply ng mga katext ko, that's why I ended up with putting some make-up on my skin. Lol. Yeah, I know, it's not great or awesome. I'm not a pro eh. *laughs* Sorry for the bad result of my antics. :) Good evening.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Liboters Inc.

I look shorter in height here. Haha. Stupid look again.

With Master Mhiko (@MicTaton) and Boss Julius (@JuliusCaesarBato-on). 

Our big boss, Mark Segundo was hit by Abi. Lol

Lately, I realized that the pull-outs were over. No more class excuses, movie marathons with the team, photoshop tutorials with the pros, food trip with the girls, fright moments with Mark, doggy blues, photo sessions and paganda moments.

I love my "Liboters" family so much.

The Girl Behind

(On Mia: Vintage Earings from Vanity, Blazer from Plains and Prints, Dress from SM Dept. Store, Peacock Eye Necklace from South Shores 
On Kaye: Dress from Bado, Cardigan from Never Been Kissed)

Erika Therese "Kaye" E. Madria - the awesome head behind She's my 4-year best friend. We've been together since freshmen years. Wala lang, feel ko lang siyang i-post. Nagandahan ako sa aming dalawa rito. Lol. <3

Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Love

Hey there. Meet my dad. He's actually my first love (of course, next to God *laughs*. Di kasi masyadong uso ang pula sa amin kaya eto, New Year na New Year ang dating.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)

Baby, baby, baby oooh!

A picture of me and our little baby, Baby Niel. He's my cousin at the same time, my first inaanak. Wala lang. I just love him so much that it made me post our latest pic together here. 

New Year with the Dragon

This pic was taken earlier. Tummy in. :))

Ooops. Uncooked ham. Lol.

Me, striking a pose in my little red dress.

Say "cheese", baby. :)

Fortune stems for good luck.

I took this pic alone via self-timer since everyone was away. Mom, Dad and Bro went to the hospital for some personal reasons while my Aunt and her family went home early because the kids were kinda sleepy. Ahuh. Home alone for New Year! Still, I'm proud to be a Chinay. Lol. :)

So, cheers everyone. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gua ai di, fellas! <3


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Charcoal Plaid

Thanks to Ms. Suzeanne Faldas for these pictures.

I actually look tanga here. Lol. :)

Meet my Mom.

(Plaid dress, Studio S. , Black belt, Robinson's Department Store , Bangles, Vanity , Aqua Bangles, SM Accessories , Wedges, Pri Madonna)

Super late post. Sorry. So, this was my outfit during the second day of our retreat. It's kinda simple yet classy. I do hope you agree with me. *laughs* 

I chose this dress because I find it good just for the event. I would like to thank my girl classmates for helping me achieve this cute curls. <3

Yearbook Staff Pictorial

(Dress, SM Department Store , Blazer, Plains and Prints ,  Bangles, SM Accessories , Turtle Ring, Vanity , Peacock Eye Necklace, South Shores ,  Wedges, Pri Madonna)

This was my outfit during the yearbook staff pictorial for SY 2011 - 2012. I was not really prepared since it was just a rush pictorial. Good thing I have reserved clothes in my closet. Credits to my best friend Kaye E. Madria for the shots. :)