Saturday, March 1, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants - Gensan Chapter celebrated its annual JPIA Night last 27th of February 2014. 

Few weeks before the said event, we, the officers had a meeting about organizing the event. The following were the concepts that we considered: Four Seasons, Oscars Awards, Winter Wonderland and Yin Yang. Until we finally decided to have "winter" as this year's theme. 

Winter. Many asked me why we came up with such concept, considering that we don't experience winter here in the country. Well, I got it from the famous Disney movie of this era, Frozen. The first thing that came into my mind that time was I wanna be like Elsa. 

In line with the theme, our JPIA president suggested to have specific colors as our motif. We decided to have colors blue, silver and white. 

Just like last year, and the past few years, JPIA Night 2014 was held in Phela Grande Convention Center.

Let me share some of my pictures during that night. I'm wearing a Jerome Marcos creation and heels from Wonder Shoes.

My designer / handler doing my hair and makeup. 

Photos below were taken by our class valedictorian, Ronald Salibio.

The event was pretty successful. Congrats to the whole team especially to our JPIA President, Mr. Jon Leo Licayan for the elegant and fun night. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Loving Him Was Red

Lunar Year at Trappistine Monastery, Polomolok

It took me about 8 months to post again. It's been a while and it feels great to be back in the line. 


Happy Lunar Year of the Wooden Horse! 

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

So how did I spend my first day of the year?

Celebrating Chinese New Year has been an annual occasion for me and my family. This event is one of the occasions that we always look forward to.

Typically, we would prepare a table filled with different kinds of food to be shared to everyone. But this year, we decided to celebrate it far different from how we celebrated the past few years.

I always wanted to visit the Trappistine Monastery since then but I always missed the chance to do so. I was glad that after many attempts, I finally had the chance to visit the Monastery located at Landan, Polomolok. 

It is a 13-15 kilometer drive from Poblacion, passing through the lands occupied by DOLE Philippines. 

My mom took the picture above. 

So after a few minutes, we arrived at our destination.

I'd like to share to you some pictures of my most favorite real-life couple, my parents. :)

The Monastery Church. It has this holy and classic ambiance despite of its modernized structure.

My mom with all those goodies, freshly baked by the monks. They're selling different export quality pastries at a very reasonable price.

Here's my fave finds.

Let me share some pictures of my parents again. :))

I encourage everyone to visit the place, especially to those who haven't gone there before. The travel was really worth it. 

The Monastery is open daily from 8:00am - 4:30pm. They have a mass from Mondays-Saturdays at 6:30am. They also have a mass during Sundays and feast days at 10:00am.

You can contact the people of the Monastery with these following numbers:


Once again, Gong Xi Fa Cai, everybody! Have a fruitful and bountiful new year! <3