Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Preppy Tribal

Oh, hi everyone. It feels so good to be back. I guess the last time I updated this blog was 2 months ago? Correct me if I'm wrong. I've been very busy lately due to school activities plus fancy demand of my course. 

Today is just so special. My two good high school friends just celebrated their 2nd anniversary. Congratulations Johanna and Feb. More and more years to come. ♥

Another reason why this day is special is that, me and my friends just had our reunion since our prettiest friend, Rahnee just went home from Dumaguete City. It feels good to be with them again. 

While waiting for everybody. With my super best friend, Kaye (@kforkaye)

She drew stars on our hands. Friendship sign I guess? Lol.

Sneak peak of today's outfit.

And so, we're complete. From left: Kaye, Me (Mia), Rahnee, Shane, Steph, Tink, Jeda and Che

Finding something to wear for the trick or treat party on the 31st. 


Loving the crisscross drama of my tribal print dress. 

(Surplus Tribal Print Dress, Accessorize Bangles, Puma Wrist Watch, Parisian Bag, Solemate Flats)