Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Night Out

Dinner with 'em girls at Jo's Chicken, Suncity.

Me on Zara Floral Dress and Aldo Leather Bag from my Momma

Caught on act. Bring on the kissable lips! 

Dinner treat for Rahnee's despidida at Suncity. I'm sure that I'll be missing going out with them. Bon voyage, sissy. I love you. 

Rahnee as Anne Curtis 
Steph as Maxene Magalona
Shane as Georgina Wilson
Kaye as Nicole Anderson
Cherrillouh as Andi Eigenman
Lyca as Solenn Heusaff
Mia as Isabelle Daza

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunny Prints

Baby Emillian's first birthday bash. This wasn't supposed to be the dress that I'll be wearing. Long story for that. *laughs*

I really don't like wearing sheer dresses but for the win, my mother made me do so. Ta-da!

So as for the purse, I don't know where it came from. It was just a gift from Tita Lucille. :)

(Pri Madonna Sheer Dress, Ferretti Wedges, Accessorize Bracelet Watch, WAGW Thread Bangle, Vanity Bangles)

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Super Sweet 16!

Thanks Nanette Cake Creations for achieving the birthday cake I want. *clap clap clap*

With my little inaanak

The best birthday party I had so far. It's a red party since my mom has this Chinese blood (she believes na it's lucky). HAHA! I find it cute rin naman since I love the bloody color!

I just wanna express my deep thanks to all those who came and celebrated with me. I feel blessed and loved 'coz I have this special people with me. <3

(WAWG Bandage Dress, Chinese Charms*unknown brand*, Luna Fitflops)

Tribal Maxi

Samal fun with the Yearbook Staff. Mo, Thom, Kaye and I had no sleep actually nung time na 'to. Lol. We had fun playing Mahjong, that's why. At 4am, we slashed on the blue water dala na rin siguro ng sobrang pagka-high sa kape. 

Even if I really look fat, I still can handle myself wearing bikini tops. Lol.

(Sassa Bikini Top, Eight Sixty Maxi Skirt, Havaiannas Slippers)

Bikini means SUMMER! :'>

Hell yeah. I gained so much weight. Haha. I'm trying to work it out but it's really really hard. Lol.

Very late post. Got lazy the past few weeks in updating my blog. So ta-da! Here. I just love my H&M Bikini Top. Thanks to my Momma for this! Love love love! <3

(H&M Bikini Top, Gap Rust Shorts)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lacey Lace

I can say that it was an "outing to remember" since it was my very, VERY first time to go out of town with no parents behind me. Seriously. Sounds weird but yes, I survived a vacation without my momma or my daddy. Lol.

Pictures were taken at Loleng's Spring Resort. The place was cool, more of flora and fauna environment.

(Zara Lace Top, South Shores Peacock Eye Necklace, Seiko Wrist Watch, Wrangler Acid Shorts, Fitflop Floral Flops, Dickies Sunnies)