Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Turquoise. I will never forget this word. My yearbook staff family knows why. Hoho. *insert SUMMER '12 pictures here*

This was my outfit last night. Ang lakas maka-Kim Chiu ng outfit ko. Eh sa idol ko siya eh. Lol.

Few days ago, I was pretty mad with my mom for not buying me the sparkling platforms. I almost cried in front of the crowd. She insisted not to purchase one because I just bought a new pair of shoe a week ago. I received a lot of gifts last night but among all the gifts I've received, these pair of new wedgies are my favorite. They may not be the pair that I wish to have but I always believe with the saying "One is better than zero".(See the picture below). It was given to me by my aunt, fresh from CDO. Thanks a lot my dear Tita Atoy.

Merry Christmas ladies and gents. :D

(Terranova one shoulder Dress, Gozum Belt, Unlisted Platform Pumps, Pearl Accessories)

PS: Sorry for the blurry quality. :(

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