Thursday, May 16, 2013

At Seventeen

Hello everybody. Long time no blog. I've been very busy lately. Good thing I was able to grab the chance to post something since today is my birthday. 17th birthday to be exact. 

The past year has been a really tough one. I've encountered countless problems which almost turned me down. Last year, I was able to meet people who helped me to be who I am now. Last year, I got my emotions reign over me. Yet the good side was that I was able to stand up with my two feet flat on the ground. 

This year, I have no particular wish for myself. All I wish for is that whatever hardships  that may come my way, I hope I can pass through it. 

I always look forward to celebrate my birthday. This has been my trait since toddler days. Up until now, nothing has changed. I still find myself happy each time I celebrate my birthday. 

12:00 a.m.: 

  • Birthday bash began. I posted a photo in Facebook as my birthday pasabog. 

(F21 Dress: got it from Cebu last November 2012)

Say hello to my Victoria Song-inspired bangs. 

  • Got a phone call from a long-time friend. Greetings flooded my phone.

2:00 a.m.:

  • I fell asleep and I didn't know what happened next. Lol.

5:46 a.m.: 

  • I woke up from my not-so-long sleep. Phone was still flooded with greetings by friends.

7:04 a.m.: 

  • I arrived at school. 

9:00 a.m.:

  • My forever friends sang a birthday song to me. While my Kpop friends sang the famous "Saeng-il Chuka Hamnida" --Korean version of Happy Birthday.

11:00 a.m.:

  • I parted my way with my friends and head myself to the mall to buy myself a birthday cake. 
  • To my surprise, I saw my Kpop friends buying one (cake) for me. I acted like I didn't know anything. I just bought ice cream instead.

11:30 a.m.:

  • I arrived at the pizza house. 

  • Took a picture with old time friends. 

12:00 noon and forward:

  • Huge pizza was served. 

  • Other friends arrived.

  • Got to open the gifts from the Kpop Team and the Forever Friends.

From the Tinkerbelle, Tinky Winky! <3 Thanks Tink. I so love the ring. 

ON YOUR WEDDING DAY. Hahaha. It's so funny. Thanks to the girlfriends of 'Kuyas in English': Nika and Reevelyn. It's as if they want me to get married ASAP. Why not? Haha. 

From the oppa... Ariel! <3 I wonder what's with the message. Am I going to die? Haha. But seriously, I so love the cake as well as the shining shimmering birthday candle!

The KhunToria gift. Courtesy of the Molkangs, Pamela and Alia. They're the reason why I got myself stucked with Kpop. I so love this gift. <3 

Balloons from the gang! I love it. Thank you guys! 

Love letter from my dearest Sandy Joy P. Javier, CPA. Hahahaha! Thanks yot!

A letter from Ireumi. Haha. Thanks for the wonderful message Pam. I so love it. <3 

And of course... The most controversial gift ever

BoysBoysBoys - the codename of my crush. So, the waitress gave this to me earlier. She was like "Ma'am, pinapabigay daw po ni BoysBoysBoys.". I must admit that I was sooooo kilig about it. Only to find out that my friends were behind it. Haha. Epic fail. 

You may wonder what's inside it. Well, lemme tell you this... APOY SA DAGAT. That's it. Haha.

Thanks Klaire, Cristel, Sandy, Praise and Danica. <3

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