Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sleepover Without Sleep?

 It was actually my very first time to have sleepover with friends. It was a huge miracle from heaven. *laughs*

March 10, 2012 at La Cassandra Subdivision -
The planned sleepover happened, courtesy of Johanna Micaelah Marie M. Alzona

@ 2pm: Our call time. Me and my daughter, Kristine went there via-convoy ride. 

@ 2:30pm: We reached the place and the fun started. Rani and Jeda were both there na rin when we arrived.
(First batch of our pictures)

@ 3pm: Feb and Clint arrived. After about 20 mins, Nathan came after.

"Nay, holding hands tayo tatlo ni Tatay" -Kristine
I'm Tine's mother, while Nate is her dad.

All we did the whole time through was cracking silly jokes. Not silly, WALEY jokes I mean. Lol. Snacks like doughnuts, curls, chips, polvoron and chicharon were served.

@ 5pm: Joh started to prepare the dinner. I was really proud of her knowing that she did the kilawin. Hands up for my sissy, Johanna.

@ 6:30pm: We started walking to Johanna's crib #2. It was a long walk.

While waiting for the food, we used their motorbike. They were all tensed when it was my turn to drive. Never knowing that I know how to drive.

As per requested, Nathan took me on a one-round ride.

@ 7pm: Dinner was served by Manang, Alzona Family's great katiwala. She's from Quezon City. Her diction shows it. She's very fluent in Tagalog Dialect.

Joh's kilawin (sashimi) tasted so great. I wonder why Clint and Feb didn't like it.

Our dinner was closely like a mini-birthday party for Joh. Barbeque + mixed veggies + grilled pork + sashimi + spaghetti were served. It won't be complete without the presence of Coke. Open happiness. :))) 

Here. Having dinner.

@ 8pm: We decided to get back to our resting place. The boys went ahead. While us girls? We chit-chatted about some personal stuffs. We had a long walk under the big blue moon.

We visited Rani's place too to get the DVD player.

@ 8:30pm: Josh arrived. He's late since he was from practice.

@ 9pm: We started watching The Notebook, my fave movie ever. I washed up while watching. Lol.

@ 11pm: The movie was finished. Next is The First Daughter.

March 11, 2012

@ 12:30am: The movie marathon is over. Time to go to bed for Rani, Joh, Feb, Josh, Tine and Clintoi the sleepy head. While me, Nate and Jeda went outside for some conversation.

@ 1am: We decided to go inside. By then, we started to watch another movie.

@ 2am: The movie was finally over. Something pulled my body down to bed. I tried not to sleep but the hell! I was so tired.

@ 4am: Jeda and Nate tried to wake me up to jog. But for Pete's sake, I can't even open my eyes.

@ 5:30am: I woke up.

@ 5:45am: Picture taking via-Instagram first. Then me and my friends walked around the village.

With my boxers on, and their PJ's on. Lol

@ 6am: We went back home. Jeda, Tine and Josh went back to sleep while Rani went at her original home.

I was left awake with Nate, playing games in my iPad.

@ 6:30am: They're still sleeping. NOOOOOOOOOOO!

@ 7am: They started to get up.

@ 8am: Breakfast was served - spam, hot dogs and sunny-side up eggs.

@ 9am: Done eating. Others started taking a bath.

@ 9:30am: Picture taking ever.

Say "hi" to this cute couple. :)

Featuring the sleepy head, Clintoi.

I love making silly faces with them.

@ 10:30am: Tine, Josh and I waited for the Monterro to fetch us.

@ 10:45am: Tine's dad arrived. We're ready to go. Saying goodbye wasn't that easy. Seriously.

We dropped by at Dona Soledad Subd. to get Joshy's things. We waited for him for about 20 mins.

Then we went directly to school to send him by.

Tine's dad, Tito Joey, sent Tine home first. Then we went to VS Subd. to deliver Pat's bag. And at last, it's my turn to go home.

@ 12nn: I was able to reach home. THANK GOD!

It was really fun. First time is really the sweetest. So that's it. Love lots. :))

March 10, 2012
(Me on John Lennon Tee from Portside, Rust Shorts from Gap, Floppies from Fit Flop)

March 11, 2012
(Me on Grey Semi-fit Tee from Guess, Boxer Shorts from HerBench, Strawberry Slippers from KCC Dept. Store)

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