Sunday, March 25, 2012

St. Mark in Paradise

High school is a stage of life where fun, firsts, heartaches, heartbreaks and tears happen. A time when breaking of rules brings out real happiness and growing up seems to be so crucial.

My four years stay in IBED seemed to be fast. With a blink of an eye, everything was over. No more puppy loves, permanent classmates, seatmate crushes and most of all, caring teachers who'll guide you to get a good marks. College is really quite different. That is why, me and my classmates tried finding ways on how we can make something special just before we leave the high school grounds. And yes, a farewell party happened.

24th of March 2012 - the settled date. Me and my classmates went to Paraiso Verde, Koronadal City to have a grand farewell party there. We were only about 20 who attended. But it doesn't matter, as long as we had fun.

At exactly 8:30 in the morning, we left Gensan via-Convoy ride with Rani and Chaby's ride. I hitched with Germ's Hilux. 

At 9:15, we reached Koronadal. We went directly to Paraiso Verde and fun began.

With my guy bestie. :)

With Hannah. We've been classmates for straight 4 years! :D

(One piece swimsuit from NAFNAF, Sunny shades from Dickies)

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